A different backend solver for SeaHorn
Sally as a backend solver for SeaHorn

In all our previous programs we used spacer as the back-end solver. SeaHorn can also use sally, a model-checker for infinite transition systems developed by SRI folks. Suppose the following example sally.c:

#include "seahorn.h"
extern int nd();
int main() {
 int x=1; int y=1;
 while(nd()) {
   int t1 = x;
   int t2 = y;
   x = t1+ t2;
   y = t1 + t2;
  sassert(y >=1);
  return 0;

The following command outputs in a file sally.mcmt a transition system in MCMT format which is the format understood by Sally:

sea smt -O0 sally.c --step=flarge --horn-format=mcmt -o sally.mcmt

Then, we can run sally using its pdkind (PDR + k-induction) engine using the SMT solvers yices2 and MathSat5 (y2m5) as follows:

sally --no-input-namespace --engine pdkind sally.mcmt --solver=y2m5 --show-invariant --no-lets

sally returns valid.

Written by SeaHorn on 28 May 2017